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Xclude Desiccant Breathers

Ideal for transformers, storage tanks, totes
Ideal for mobile & nautical applications
Perfect for small gearboxes
Great for low Humidity enviroments
LE offers full line of desiccant breathers and accessories for contamination exclusion in industrial applications.
Desiccant breathers are vital component of lubricant reliability program.
Lubricant contamination is one of the leading causes for machine failure.  From the time oil enters your facility to the end of its useful life, protecting it with desiccant breathers will extend the life of the oil and the equipment, decrease downtime, and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Perfect for Low-Flow Applications
Perfect for high-flow applications
High airflow for storage tanks, large gearboxes, wind turbines, remote applications
Perfect for Low-Flow, Steady-State Operations
Xclude Breather at a glance
Hydraulic Pack Breather Adaptors

Hydraulic Pack Breather Adaptors

LEX 15 - T Bayonet Adaptor

LEX12 - T Threaded Adaptor

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