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Xport™ Single Point Lubricators

Add reliability to your lubrication program with dependable, automatic re-greasing

Incorrect or inadequate lubrication results in equipment damage that can lead to breakdown. In many cases, single point lubricators are the solution to this problem. With Xport Single Point Lubricators filled with LE lubricants, you can deliver the right lubricant, in the right amount, to the right place, at the right time – 24/7. Xport Single Point Lubricators filled with LE lubricants help eliminate costly manual lubrication. They literally pay for themselves by reducing downtime, part replacements, labor costs, and lubricant and machine contamination issues – all while increasing the safety of your operation.

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Xport™ SPL Direct Mounting

Direct mounting of LE’s single-point lubricators is quick and easy. This installation method is recommended for …

  • Lubrication points with minimal vibration and shock loading

  • Safe, easy-to-reach lubrication points

Xport™ SPL Remote Mounting

For many lubrication points, it is beneficial to install remote mount lubrication systems where they are safe to access while machinery is operating. Remote mounting is recommended if …

  • It is necessary to remove protective guards or safety cages to access the lubrication point.

  • Lube point is difficult or unsafe to access while equipment is running.

  • Lube point is subject to severe vibration or high temperatures that could damage the lube system.

  • Permits are required to access lubrication points when in confined spaces or when fall protection is required.

  • Lube point is exposed to excessive amounts of water, process materials or impact from solid material.

If you cannot direct mount the Xport Single Point Lubricators, LE offers the following high-quality remote mounting options.


Xport™ SPL Cage Mount Kits


Xport™ SPL Beam Mount Kits


Xport™ SPL Rail Mount Kit

Xport-Rail-Mount-Kit-Big (2).png

Xport™ SPL App

Application-oriented calculation tool for optimized lubrication

  • Use app on mobile device or computer as platform for lubrication with Xport SPLs and LE grease.

  • Calculates required lubricant amount and discharge settings for your lubrication system based on entry of existing operating conditions.

  • Can easily be installed on all common iOS and Android mobile devices. Browser version is also available. *

Download and use of software is free of charge. Online costs by your internet service provider must be paid by user.

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