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Lubrication Engineers New Zealand Ltd

Est 1985

Lubrication Engineers NZ Ltd has been providing solutions for all lubrication related challenges in NZ and Pacific Islands for over 30 years.  LE specialises in all facets of lubrication technology,  including high performance lubricants, lubrication equipment, oil analysis and on site equipment reliability assessments.


By protecting your assets with our comprehensive line of high-performance lubricants including industrial oils, food grade lubricants, extreme pressure greases , open gear lubricants, gear oils, synthetic lubricants, engine oils and many other lubricant and reliability solutions, we make it easy for you to take care of your company’s valuable assets while still growing the bottom line.

These enhanced lubricants far exceed the performance of conventional lubricants in industrial plants throughout New Zealand & worldwide, whether it’s in the food, beverage, mining, power generation, water & wastewater treatment, transportation, cement, packaging or marine.


Key benefits of LE’s enhanced lubricants and world class reliability programs include:


  • Extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption)

  • Reduced energy consumption (less friction)

  • Increased equipment life (less wear)

  • Minimising inventory (through multipurpose products)

  • Improved reliability (less expensive downtime)


LE NZ provide expert equipment reliability assessments and this is an important first step for any organization wanting to improve their lubrication reliability program.

Our on site Lubrication assessment will help you understand your current lubrication practices and challenges, and determine what improvements can be made to improve your operation.

The main benefits derived from the assessment are maximization of lubricant and equipment life, increased operational capacity, reduced unplanned downtime, and consolidation of lubricant inventory.

An equipment reliability assessment consists of a professional onsite evaluation of all equipment requiring lubrication and includes reviews and recommendations of the following:


  • Lubrication storage and handling practices to ensure oil cleanliness

  • Elimination of particulates or moisture ingression in equipment to keep oil clean and dry

  • Filtration or contamination removal methods to maximize lubricant life

  • Oil analysis test methods and expert interpretation of reports to monitor oil condition and equipment wear.



LE's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and technology centre is located in Wichita, Kansas. The company's international presence includes distributors in more than 60 countries.

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