Easy Bar with Almasol LE9210

A solid lubricant that melts when placed on the hot surface of a kiln shell.  It features a patented blend of mineral and metal lubricants – including Almasol, LE’s proprietary solid wear-reducing additive suspended in a solid polymer binder that melts at approximately 49°C.

Typical Applications:

  • Rotary Kilns, Dryers, Calciners,

  •  Cement, Lime, Pulp & Paper, Waste Processing

  • Mining & Phosphate, Petroleum & Asphalt, Minerals

  • Chemical, Food & beverage, Gypsum, Clay & Kaolin

  • Iron ore & Aluminum

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Lubricant Bar Effectiveness

Lubricant bars are solid dry lubricants encased within a carrier agent, which can be wax, polymer or other compound. This agent generally has a melting point of less than 93°C (200°F) and, when placed adjacent to the heated kiln shell, melts and releases the lubricant. Turning of the kiln causes these lubricants to flow over the wear pads and inside the tire bore, coating the mating surfaces.

Lubrication of the entire inside tire bore is crucial for effective lubrication. Solid bar lubrication between the filler bars or kiln shell and riding rings of a rotary kiln is proven to:

•        Extend the life of wear filler bars

•        Extend shell and refractory service life

•        Reduce scoring of kiln tires, inside bore, riding rings, and stop blocks

•        Reduce weld fractures at filler bar and kiln shell interface

•        Reduce friction and wear

•        Fill microscopic imperfections in contact surfaces

Lubricant Bar Application

Safe, Efficient Bar Insertion

While the kiln rotates, the operator simply inserts the recommended number of lube bars in the filler bar gaps between the tire and the shell. Insertion involves placing a whole bar between the filler bars or pads at the 5 or 7 o’clock positions. This should be done every quarter turn of the kiln as it travels through one full revolution. 

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Easy Bar Lubricator 5-foot insertion tool is available for enhanced safety and faster application times