Oil Storage & Transfer Containers

Traditionally, machinery lubrication has been seen as a function of low importance, being messy work, requiring limited skills & lacking organisation & structure.

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The risks of misapplication are high with many oils being supplied in the same basic drums with only complex codes indicating the different oil characteristics.  The consequences of the incorrect oil being used can be catastrophic to machinery.


Lubrication Engineers NZ best practice lubrication reliability solutions contribute to 5S and also assist with addressing workplace safety & environmental compliance issues. 


Bulk storage systems instantly establish best practice by quickly ridding itself of antiquated bulk oil storage equipment and processes.

OilSafe Transfer Container Range
Xpel™ Stumpy Spout Lid

Specially designed for applications in which a higher lubricant flow is required, the Stumpy Spout Lid is a wide spout model with a 1-inch opening. It can be used with a stumpy extension hose to extend spout reach if needed.

Xpel™ Mini Spout Lid

With is outlet diameter of approximately ¼ inch (7mm), the Mini Spout Lid is ideal for applying lubricant where equipment filler holes are small.


Designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required, including hard-to-reach areas. With a 0.5-inch spout opening and longer spout, this lid is ideal for lower viscosity oils (<ISO 220).

Xpel™ Stretch Spout Lid

With the Storage Lid, oil storage containers can be pre-filled for easier no-spill, contaminant-free transportation and storage. It is a convenient alternative to handling bulky 20-liter/quart drums.

Xpel™ Storage Lid
Xpel™ Utility Lid

A multipurpose lid with 2-inch outlet hole, the Utility Lid ensures controlled fast pouring of lubricants. Match it to a 3-, 5-, or 10-liter/quart drum for use with a Premium or Standard Pump.



Oil storage and transfer container drum

Available in five different sizes, Xpel™ oil storage container bodies are fully interchangeable with all of the Xpel oil storage and transfer lids. The polyethylene plastic drum bodies are rugged and have an extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. They are transparent and have graduated markings to make it easy to see and measure liquid levels.

  • 1.5 Litre

  • 2 Litre

  • 3 Litre

  • 5 Litre

  • 10 Litre



Standard Pump

Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 460, this high-volume downstroke pump delivers 1 liter or quart for approximately 12 strokes. This unit is not color-coded.

Premium Pump

Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 680, this high-volume downstroke pump delivers 1 liter or quart for approximately 12 strokes. It is color-coded, fully serviceable and features a D-shaped handle grip. A range of accessories is available for this pump.



Extension hoses for containers​

These flexible extension hoses are available for awkward or hard-to-reach areas. They attach easily to the oil storage container using the Stretch or Stumpy Spout Lids. The Stretch Spout Extension Hose can be pulled from the fitting and the length cut to suit the application.



12" Extension Hose - Works with Stretch Spout Lid & Mini Spout Lid
10.4" extension hose -Works with Stumpy Spout Lid

Lubricant Identification

When you have multiple lubricants in a factory with hundreds or even thousands of lubrication points, mistakes will happen. Introducing the wrong lubricant into an application leads to unplanned downtime and costly repairs. Lubricant cross-contamination has been identified as one of the root causes affecting asset reliability. Proper lubricant identification is one way to help solve the problem. This proactive approach creates a visual, color-coded “chain of custody” starting in the lubricant storage room, making its way to the individual lubricant points found on the equipment, and reducing human error.

  • Create visual system for operators

  • Help standardize processes and procedures

  • Promote best practices, such as the 5S methodology

  • Reduce lubricant cross-contamination issues


Lube Room     -     Transfer     -    Asset

Oil Safe Bulk Storage Systems

The Oil Safe Advanced system delivers best practice contamination control in a compact and space efficient form. Ideal for organisations that need the superior contaminaton control, working within budget and / or space contraints.

Color-coded bulk storage keeps your storage area neat, safe and clean. Modular and scalable, the unit can be configured to your exact needs and arrives preassembled for easy setup. Each tank has its own pump and filter to prevent cross-contamination


The Oil Safe Lubrication Work Centre is the best practice solution for storage and dispensing of lubricating oils in industrial facilities. An inistant Lube Room, this premium configuration incorporates best of class features.

  • Ultimate Best Practice

  • Instant Lube Room

  • Premium ergonomic dispensing and working surfaces.

  • Parts & Tool storage.

  • Electrical & Mechanical protection systems.

  • One Pump & Filter per Tank.

  • Pressurized dispensing.

  • Numerous upgrade options.