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Food Grade Lubricants

Lubrication Engineers, supplies a variety of high-performance oils and greases specially formulated to meet the needs of food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations. LE knows about the severe operating conditions and expensive machinery at these companies. That’s why our H1 and H2 products include solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation (R&O), wear, foaming, staining, odour, frequent visual inspections and much more.

Food Grade Approvals:

Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)

Assure Quality



Kosher Pareve

H1 Silicone Spray LE804


Silicone-based spray for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact.  May be  used on machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is potential exposure of the lubricated part to food.  For food plant and other industrial use.  Certified NSF H1 and Kosher-Pareve.

Typical Applications: Food processing equipment, food packaging equipment, lock mechanisms, rubber door and window seals, ironing and pressing equipment, cutting tables for smooth and even cutting, vending equipment, molding equipment, and dry cleaning equipment

LE4025-removebg-preview (2).png

H1 Quinplex® Food Grade Grease

LE4022 (NLGI00) - LE4023(NLGI0) - LE4024(NLGI1) - LE4025(NLGI2)

Typical Applications - Blenders, Bottle Washers, Cams, Carbonators, Conveyors, Cookers, Crowners, De-hairing Machines, Dividers, Electric Motors, Extractors, Feather Pickers, Filling Machines, Food Carts, Knives, Labelers, Mixers, Molders,   O-Rings, Packaging Machines, Proofers, Saws,  Sifters, Slicers, Slides, Wrappers

H1 Quinplex® Food Machinery Lubricant (4025-4022) is a semi-synthetic grease suitable for a broad operating temperature range. In addition to being a food grade grease – NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact – it is also robust enough to withstand moisture, high temperatures, extreme pressures and other harsh conditions found at food manufacturing plants. It features an aluminum complex thickener base, providing extreme water resistance, excellent mechanical stability, reversibility and tackiness. Key additives include Quinplex, LE’s proprietary impact-resistant additive, and a rust and oxidation inhibitor. Switching to H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant results in longer bearing life, fewer equipment repairs, less downtime and lower lubricant consumption.

Beneficial Qualitites:

Food Grade

  • Formulated with high-viscosity pure food grade base oil

  • Registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact

  • Certified Kosher Pareve

Water Resistant

  • Will not wash out or emulsify when coming in contact with water

  • Stays in contact zone, even in high moisture environments

  • Won’t wash out of bearings

  • Protects against rust and corrosion

Temperature Resistant

  • Performs well in a broad temperature range

  • Provides excellent service at moderately high temperatures

  • Will not melt or run from bearings

Extreme Pressure & Wear Resistant

  • Superior EP load-carrying capability

  • Exceptional anti-wear protection

  • Clings tenaciously to metal, resisting repeated impact

  • Won’t pound out or sling off

  • Exhibits long-lasting mechanical stability, does not change consistency after being worked thousands of times


H1 Quincal®  Syn Food Grade Grease LE4070(NLGI0) -  LE4071(NLGI1) - LE4072(NLGI2)

Typical Applications: Works well in variety of food processing applications, including: blenders, cookers, filling machines, canning machines, bottling machines, and packaging equipment

Formulated for use in food processing applications, H1 Quincal™ Syn FG Grease features a synthetic base fluid, calcium sulfonate complex thickener, and Quinplex, LE's proprietary impact-resistant additive. This premium combination imparts a very high dropping point, exceptional inherent extreme pressure (EP) characteristics, superior mechanical stability, low oil bleed, tackiness and water resistance.


H1 Quinplex® White Oil 

LE4010 (SAE10, ISO46)  - LE4020 (SAE20,ISO68)  - LE4030 (SAE30, ISO100)  - LE4040 (SAE40, ISO150) 

Typical Applications: Lubricant and rust preventative for machinery and other equipment in food processing/animal feed preparation; lubricant for drawing, stamping, forming and rolling metallic foil and packages used in food packaging; machinery lubricant for textile and paper industries; lubricant for use in bearings, bushings, slides, chains, compressors, vacuum pumps and hydraulics


NSF H1 certified for food processing equipment. Nonfoaming. For use where incidental food contact may occur or a clean, nonstaining lubricant is required: hydraulic systems, slides, guides, chains, valves, compressors. Certified Kosher-Pareve. Contains Quinplex.

User Benefits:

  • NSF H1 certified – cleared for use in USDA-inspected food processing plants and can be used where incidental food contact may occur.

  • Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union

  • Extremely pure, nonstaining, odorless, tasteless, translucent and nonirritating

  • Superior anti-wear performance, including R & O resistance. Many white oils do not offer this measure of wear protection.

  • Nonfoaming


H1 Quinplex® Synthetic Food Grade Oil 

LE4032 (ISO32)   -  LE4046 (ISO46)  

Typical Applications: Bearings, bushings, slides, chains, compressors (including rotary screw air), vacuum pumps and hydraulics used in: animal feed preparation, aluminum/metallic foil and package manufacturing, food processing, paper-making machinery, and textile machinery

H1 Quinplex Synthetic Food Grade Oil is an NSF H1 registered synthetic food grade oil formulated for use in food processing and other sensitive environments where superior anti-wear, rust and oxidation resistant properties are required. It clings to equipment and provides reliable water-resistant protection from oxidation, rust and wear. Featuring 100 percent synthetic base oil, H1 Quinplex Synthetic Food Grade Oil has excellent load-carrying abilities, can be used in low-temperature applications, and contain Quinplex, LE’s proprietary impact-resistant additive.

H1 Quinplex® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant

LE4058  - LE4059 Aerosol

Typical Applications - Any area where a penetrating and lubricating oil suitable for incidental food contact is required. This includes bottling and canning equipment, food processing machinery, slides, cams, chains and other machine surfaces.



This outstanding H1 food grade penetrating oil and general lubricant works quickly to dissolve rust, gums and varnish to free up frozen parts. H1 Quinplex Penetrating Oil & Lubricant is NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact. It resists rust and corrosion, leaving a light lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention on metal surfaces. It contains H1 polar organic solvent to assist in water displacement and contains Quinplex, LE’s proprietary additive to improve oil film strength. H1 Quinplex Penetrating Oil & Lubricant is available in bulk sizes and aerosol cans.

Beneficial Qualitites

  • Loosens corroded and frozen parts.

  • Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.

  • Contains an H1 authorized polar organic solvent to assist in water displacement.

  • Pleasant odor.

  • Contains a H1 authorized solvent to help dissolve and penetrate residues.

  • Contains H1 authorized anti-wear additives.

  • Safe for the environment: contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

  • This lubricant conforms to CFR Title 21, part 178, Section 178.3570 as published by the FDA.

  • USDA H1

  • Certified Halal by IFANCA


H1 Quinplex® White Gear Lubricant

LE4090 (SAE90, ISO220)  - LE4140 (SAE140, ISO460) - LE4250 (SAE250, ISO680)

Typical Applications: Equipment where incidental food contact may occur, including: slides, guides, chains, conveyor chains, valves, bearings, gearboxes, open gears, and worm gear applications

Recommended for a variety of gearboxes and other critical applications in food and beverage manufacturing facilities,H1 Quinplex® White Gear Lubricant (4090-4250) is NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact and was formulated to withstand severe loading conditions and prevent rust and corrosion. H1 Quinplex White Gear Lubricant contains a carefully selected blend of pure mineral and synthetic base stocks to provide superior protection at a wide range of operating temperatures. It also offers antiwear protection, differentiating it from many other white oils on the market. To ensure good metal adhesion, it contains a shear stable polymeric tackifier system including Quinplex®, LE·s proprietary impact-resistant additive.

H1 Quinplex White Gear Lubricant helps factories avoid unplanned downtime and expensive repairs by providing long-lasting, reliable protection that keeps critical equipment running.

Beneficial Qualities

Food Grade

  • Formulated with pure mineral and synthetic base oils

  • Registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact
    Certified Halal by IFANCA

  • Certified Kosher Pareve

  • Is non-staining, odorless, tasteless, translucent and non-irritating

Rust & Corrosion Barrier

  • Is tacky and clings to metal surfaces

  • Provides crucial water resistance

  • Prevents rust and corrosion

Includes anti-wear additive package, unlike many other white oils


H1 Quinplex® Synthetic Food Grade Gear Oil

LE4150 (ISO150)  - LE4220 (ISO220) - LE4320 (ISO320)  - LE4460 (ISO460)

Typical Applications: Equipment where incidental food contact may occur, including: bearings, gearboxes, open gears, slides, guides, chains, conveyor chains, and valves


NSF H1 certified gear oil for food processing equipment. Superior low- and high-temp performance, excellent load-carrying, anti-wear properties and seal compatibility.

100% synthetic base oil. Recommended for gearboxes and other critical applications in food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

Certified Halal by IFANCA.

Certified Kosher Pareve.

Contains Quinplex.


H1 White Utility Oil 

LE4201 - LE4204 (ISO46)

Typical Applications: General lubrication applications where incidental food contact can occur. Can also be used for textile applications where nonstaining oil is required.


Food and USP grade white mineral oil containing no additives. NSF H1 certified for lubrication where incidental food contact may occur.
Suggested for rust prevention after washdown. For textile applications where a nonstaining oil is required.


Certified Halal by IFANCA.
Certified Kosher Pareve.

Ovenworx® H1 Syn Chain Lubricant (LE4061)

Typical Applications: Automatic lubrication systems for baking ovens, kiln chain drives, skate chains in bread and bun baking ovens, stenter & tenter chains, and other high-temperature oven chains


Ovenworx® H1 Syn Chain Lubricant was formulated specifically to combat the demanding conditions present with oven chain applications by offering superior heat resistance. In addition, it is approved for incidental food contact and contains no artificial dyes, making it a good choice for food manufacturing plants needing superior heat resistance. Oven chain efficiency is dependent upon a lubricant that can keep the chain operating freely and smoothly, fighting the ever present heat and moisture that can cause corrosion and eventually lead to premature failure of oven chain pins and bushings. Only the most robust lubricant formulations can perform in this application; it is not an area to cut corners. If the oven chain fails, output comes to a screeching halt.


Ovenworx™ Chain Spray/Brush System
Automatic Lubrication System Delivers Right Amount
of Lubricant at Right Time to Critical Equipment


The Ovenworx™ Chain Spray/Brush System is an automatic lubrication system (ALS) designed to dispense lubricants in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. It eliminates human resource constraints and makes consistent lubrication easier in physical locations or on types of machines where it was previously impossible.
This innovative system comes in a spray or brush configuration.
Using an ALS for lubricant application leads to improved quality of lubrication as well as a reduction in labor requirements. Its successful use, however, requires knowledge of lubrication fundamentals. In order to avoid mistakes and realize positive results from such devices, you must select the right system for a given application, install the system correctly, and determine the optimum application rate. LE’s highly trained and skilled representatives can help you get started.

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