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Monolec® Gear Lubricant

LE703 (SAE80W-90) - LE704 (SAE85W - 140)

Monolec® Gear Lubricant (703/704) offers the versatility of one product that meets the demanding fleet requirements of all types of differentials (including limited slip) and transmissions, as well as most industrial enclosed gearboxes. A multi viscosity extreme pressure gear oil, Monolec Gear Lubricant was formulated to achieve the proper balance between load-carrying capacity, film strength and lubricity.

Beneficial Qualities

Wear Prevention

  • Provides exceptional wear resistance, ensuring longer gear life and less maintenance expense

  • Possesses high film strength, keeping metal surfaces separated

  • Offers outstanding rust and corrosion resistance

Long-Lasting Reliable Service

  • Provides superior oxidation stability and long life

  • Maintains low operating temps by reducing friction

  • Breaks up foam bubbles as they form

  • Separates readily from water

  • Prevents sludge deposits

  • Extends drain intervals with less make-up between drains

  • Does not affect seals


  • Multiviscosity for use in all seasons

  • Delivers exceptional performance in most types of gearboxes

  • Can be used in most differentials and transmissions

Typical Applications

  • Over-the-road and stop-and-go fleets

  • Off-highway equipment transfer cases, overdrive units, oil-lubricated wheel bearings and steering gearboxes

  • Limited slip differentials

  • Rockwell and Eaton axles

  • Heavily loaded industrial gearboxes

  • Any gearboxes that have bronze gears, thrust washers or other parts that require an EP gear oil

  • Worm gearboxes calling for EP gear oils

  • Especially appropriate for machine tools and other precision gearing because low wear rate keeps them within specification longer

  Almasol® Worm Gear Lubricant LE460 - LE680

  • Superior performing worm gear lubricant based on 100% Paraffinic base oil and ALMASOL®, wear reducing additive LE's ALMASOL® Worm Gear Lubricants are formulated with 100% mid-continent Paraffinic base oils blended with stable lubricity additives and ALMASOL® to provide protection in a wide temperature range. They protect bronze bull gears from excessive wear in enclosed worm gearboxes. Superior oxidation resistance in high temperature applications where extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants cannot be used. Provide reduced friction in the high sliding worm gear applications due to formulation with stable compounding and lubricity additives.

  • Available in 2 Grades: ISO460 / ISO680




  Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant LE9705 to LE9707 (3 Grades)

  • PAG Gear Oil Provides Ultimate Wear Protection, Corrosion Resistance and Thermal Stability

  • LE’s Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant (9705-9707) is a PAG gear oil that has been specially formulated for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, wear protection and thermal stability. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants are synthetic formulations known for their high viscosity index, extreme pressure (EP) properties, and ability to handle temperature extremes. In addition to the PAG base fluid, this formulation features Duolec®, LE’s proprietary dual-acting additive that provides both wear-reducing and EP protection.

  • Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant is an excellent choice for lubricating a variety of bearings and gears - particularly worm gears - as well as other equipment operating under extreme conditions.

  • Available in 3 Grades: ISO220 / ISO320 / ISO460