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High-performance gear oil for industrial gearbox applications

Industrial gearboxes are expected to perform under conditions of high heat and heavy loads; and in environments often contaminated with dirt, process debris and water. Without adequate protection, gears will wear prematurely. You’ll have to replace parts more frequently, change oil more frequently, and worst of all, you’ll experience equipment downtime. To combat difficult conditions, LE offers an array of lubricants specially formulated for enclosed industrial gearbox applications.

Three essential attributes when selecting gear oil

Gear oil is made up of two critical components: base oil and additives. Additives impart desirable properties and suppress undesirable ones. The additive package is the backbone of the lubricant’s performance, and a strong backbone will provide the performance and protection you need. When selecting gear oil, there are three essential attributes to consider:

One - The gear oil must remain thermally stable and not oxidize at high temperatures, thus avoiding the creation of sludge or varnish. Keeping the oil from oxidizing will lengthen drain and replacement intervals. As a general rule of thumb, for every 18 degrees F (10 degrees C) increase in fluid temperature above 140°F (60°C), oxidation will reduce the service life of a lubricant by half.

Two – If you have an enclosed gearbox application that is heavily loaded or subject to shock loading, you need gear oil with extreme pressure properties. Gear oil with an EP additive will protect the gear surfaces against extreme pressures.

Three – Gear oil must fight contamination that enters the system, especially water. The oil must be able to demulsify, which allows for easy removal of the water from the gearbox.

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Almasol® Pure Mineral Gear Lubricant LE401

  • For exceptional wear reduction and long service life in all applications requiring a "pure" or "straight" mineral gear lubricant. LE401 ALMASOL® Pure Mineral Gear Lubricant is a balanced formulation of natural high VI paraffinic base oils, rust and oxidation inhibitors, wear-reducing agents and other additives which provide the highest level of wear reduction possible without the use of a chemically active EP agent. It also contains ALMASOL®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive.


  Monolec® Gear Lubricant LE703 to LE704 (2 Grades)

  • An EP gear lubricant for use in differentials and transmissions. LE703 and LE704 MONOLEC® Gear Lubricants are versatile, multi-viscosity, extreme pressure gear oils. Exceeds requirements for all types of fleet requirements of all types of differentials (including limited slip), transmissions and industrial enclosed gearboxes that require multi-viscosity EP gear oils.

  • All of the features give the user many performance benefits; longer gear life with less maintenance expense, fewer hours of lost production, extended drain intervals with less make-up between drains, and the versatility of one product that can deliver exceptional performance in almost all types of gearboxes.

  • Available in 2 Grades: 80W-90 / 85W-140 




  Monolec SYN® All-Climate Gear Lubricant LE9919 to LE9920 (2 Grades)

  • Robust Formula Provides Long-Lasting Protection in Severe Service, including High & Low Temperatures

  • Monolec® Syn All-Climate Gear Lubricant (9919-9920) is formulated with 100 percent synthetic base fluid and a synergistic additive package, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty rolling stock transmissions and differentials in severe service conditions. It is also recommended for some high- and low-temperature industrial gearbox applications. Monolec® Syn All-Climate's robust formula will not break down in severe service.

  • It provides high-temperature oxidation resistance, low volatility and excellent thermal stability, allowing it to provide long-lasting protection for the application. It also retains its flow during subzero temperature conditions. The additive package includes wear-reducing, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-foaming additives.

  • Available in 2 Grades: 75W-90 / 75W-140 

  Almasol® Worm Gear Lubricant LE460 - LE680

  • Superior performing worm gear lubricant based on 100% Paraffinic base oil and ALMASOL®, wear reducing additive LE's ALMASOL® Worm Gear Lubricants are formulated with 100% mid-continent Paraffinic base oils blended with stable lubricity additives and ALMASOL® to provide protection in a wide temperature range. They protect bronze bull gears from excessive wear in enclosed worm gearboxes. Superior oxidation resistance in high temperature applications where extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants cannot be used. Provide reduced friction in the high sliding worm gear applications due to formulation with stable compounding and lubricity additives.

  • Available in 2 Grades: ISO460 / ISO680




  Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant LE9705 to LE9707 (3 Grades)

  • PAG Gear Oil Provides Ultimate Wear Protection, Corrosion Resistance and Thermal Stability

  • LE’s Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant (9705-9707) is a PAG gear oil that has been specially formulated for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, wear protection and thermal stability. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants are synthetic formulations known for their high viscosity index, extreme pressure (EP) properties, and ability to handle temperature extremes. In addition to the PAG base fluid, this formulation features Duolec®, LE’s proprietary dual-acting additive that provides both wear-reducing and EP protection.

  • Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant is an excellent choice for lubricating a variety of bearings and gears - particularly worm gears - as well as other equipment operating under extreme conditions.

  • Available in 3 Grades: ISO220 / ISO320 / ISO460