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Turbine Oils

Turbine Oils Formulated for Uptime and Long Life

Long Life

Oil problems are estimated to be the cause of nearly one-fifth of all forced turbine outages, according to “A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Turbine Lubricants,” by Afton Chemical Corp. Chief among the various mechanisms inside a turbine system that can result in degradation of the oil while in service are oxidation and thermal degradation. Lubrication Engineers has created unique blends of high performing gas combustion turbine oil, combined cycle turbine oil, steam turbine oil, hydroelectric turbine oil and environmentally friendly turbine oil to protect the parts of even the most high-maintenance machines.

Turbine Oil Formulation

Turbine oil formulations are relatively simple; they are a mixture of the following ingredients: Base oil, corrosion inhibitors, oxidation inhibitors, defoamants, and demulsifiers. The base oil is usually 97 percent or more of the turbine oil formula. Additives are blended into the base oil at low levels to protect both the oil and the turbine parts. Additives should be chosen so that they provide optimized performance in the turbine, per OEM requirements. However, many newer turbine oils have been formulated with base oils that were refined with newer techniques. Most laboratory bench test data indicate that the use of these new base fluids should provide longer lubricant life in field applications. Unfortunately, this has not been found to be true. In addition to the newer base fluids, studies have linked certain antioxidant combinations to the formation of sludge and varnish.


All-Purpose Turbine Oil LE4941 - LE4946


A rust & oxidation (R & O) turbine oil designed with high-quality paraffinic base oil and additives that offer rust protection, oxidation stability, rapid water-separating characteristics and foam suppression. It will outperform conventional R & O turbine oils and is completely noncorrosive to equipment parts.

Environmentally Friendly Turbine Oil for Hydro Turbine Applications

Low Tox® Turbine Oil LE6412 - LE6414

Provides reduced toxicity without reduced performance


LE’s Low Tox® Turbine Oil (6412-6414) provides long-lasting performance, equivalent to conventional turbine oils while providing lower toxicity than biodegradable turbine oils. Its advanced technology formulation – with highly refined mineral oil and specially selected additives – offers low toxicity, but it does not sacrifice lubrication performance or necessitate shortening of lubricant change intervals; there is no worry of premature oxidation or failure of the lubricant as there is with most vegetable oil-based products. Low Tox Turbine Oil meets or exceeds OEM requirements for many generators, turbines and governors; it is especially suited for use in hydroelectric facilities and flood control structures requiring lubricants.

Monolec® Turbine Oil LE6461 - LE6463

Premium Oil Boosts Turbine Performance


Highly effective for steam, hydro and gas turbine applications, Monolec Turbine Oil (6461-6463) reduces varnish, reduces water contamination, lengthens equipment life and extends drain intervals. It is a premium, high performance turbine oil with excellent water separation characteristics, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and improved wear-reducing properties. Its proprietary formula consists of select low-volatility paraffinic base fluids enhanced with a synergistic mix of high-performance additives.

Certain turbine applications - including gear-driven turbines or those in which a hydraulic control system and turbine share the same oil - require oil with anti-wear properties. Unlike many anti-wear additives that decrease the oxidation resistance of turbine oils, the proprietary wear-reducing additive in Monolec Turbine Oil provides increased protection against wear with no negative effect on the oxidation life of the oil.

Endure™ Turbine Oil LE6481-LE6482

Advanced formula provides superior oxidation stability & deposit control for gas combustion turbines


Formulated specifically for use in gas combustion turbines, Endure™ Turbine Oil (6481-6482) features a unique blend of highly refined base oils and proprietary additive technology. Its advanced formula provides superior oxidative and thermal stability while preventing varnish and sludge formation on critical surfaces. Endure Turbine Oil ensures long-lasting, trouble-free performance in gas combustion turbines, minimizing unplanned outages and maximizing uptime.

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