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Oil Sampling Solutions

For years companies have used oil analysis to determine the health and condition of their equipment.  Most recognize the value of using oil analysis to avoid unplanned equipment downtime and for planning oil changes.  However, most companies are not getting the most out of their oil analysis program because they do not understand the importance of proper oil sampling.

Oil samples are the important first step in any oil analysis program.  Without one, the lab would have nothing to analyze.  The aim of any predictive oil analysis program is to trend any gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris so that corrective action can be started in a controlled, planned manner.  The results from your sample will determine if corrective actions need to be taken.  An improper sample can skew these results, producing either costly false negatives or false positives.  Ultimately those improper samples can cause an oil analysis program to be abandoned.

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